Fun Facts About Wales

The scenic beauty, the friendship and strength of its people, and the intriguing history are just a few things for which Wales is known. Explore some fun facts about Wales with our infographic. We explore some of the things that make Wales unique. How many of these Wales facts do you know?

Castles that adorn the landscapes are a treasure. This infographic shares the facts about the oldest and largest castles. It also contains little known information describing the longest tunnel and strangest bridge. The Welsh language provides some interesting destination names such as the longest name of any town in Wales which is 58 letters long!

The smallest house is a favorite tourist attraction. The tiny house in Conwy is only 72 inches wide and 122 inches high. The last owner who lived in the house was 6 foot, 3 inches tall. It’s hard to imagine how he managed to live in such a small house. Visitors can tour the home and see the historic contents and layout of this tiny living space.

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