The reason for rise of Mercedes against BMW. 3 car comparison

The infographic is the comparative analysis of two of the most reputed car brand – Mercedes and BMW. Both are German based and are regarded as best in class in terms of looks and reliability. In this infographic, we have compared three cars of Mercedes with that of its equivalent thee counterparts of BMW. It compares Mercedes Benz C - Class with BMW 3 Series, Mercedes - Benz E - Class with BMW 5 series and Mercedes - Benz GLC with BMW X3.The comparison is done in terms of essential features. The parameter used are horsepower, valves, looks, comfort and convenience, seating, fuel capacity and front power headrest. A deep analysis will conclude that Mercedes surpasses BMW in all aspects. So if you are planning to buy a car, this infographic will definitely come to your help. The information is provided in a very crisp and in a tabular form, making comparison very easy.

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