The History of the Cubicle

The wonderful office cubicle; keeping employees focused, providing privacy, and eliminating distractions in offices everywhere. And, also secluding us, stripping away our personality and individuality, and hiding us behind our tall cubicle walls. Can you believe the cubicle was designed to do exactly the opposite of that. Designed to give employees freedom and individuality and promote mobility, the modular cubicle systems were not intended to confine people to a specific space. The hinged panels could be adjusted to provide the ideal work environment for each employee, whether that be completely closed in or relatively open and connected with the rest of the office. But, either way, people had choice and flexibility. Somewhere along the line, this revolutionary vision was conformed into the dreaded cubicle that we know and hate today. Find out what other pieces of the cubicle history puzzle you are unaware of. It might be a better idea to base your next office layout off of office designs in the 1970's.
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