YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018

If you’re a YouTube creator, your channel art is one opportunity to convey to viewers what your channel is about - from who are you are to what type of content you create and how often you post. Viewers make decisions in seconds. They’ll decide if they want to explore your channel and watch your videos or click away and watch other content.

Make the most of your YouTube banner. From making sure the font you use works well with a background color. To conveying the type of content you create. Are you a Minecraft gamer? Do you share recipes – and if so, what kind of recipes? Are you a beauty vlogger? If you are – think about what makes you different from other beauty vloggers – can you convey that within a banner?

This Channel Art Cheat Sheet is a guide when designing your channel art/banner. It includes important information on how a banner will appear on different devices. Keep this handy the next time you update your channel art/banner!

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