Eye-Opening Security Stats on Home Burglaries

Home invasions or burglaries can be scary because most of them end up in the victim getting beaten or raped. One of the best ways to protect the house against burglars is installing a security system. Few facts you should know about home burglaries are as follows.

The highest number of home invasions or burglaries occurs in summer, more likely in July and August. 30 percent of home burglaries happen because of an unlocked door or a window. Houses without a security system are 300% more likely to get burglarized or invaded by criminals. Tenants are as likely to become a victim of home invasions as homeowners. 2 million home burglaries are reported every year in the US as in every 13 seconds a house is robbed. Less than 17% houses have a working security system, the reason police clear only 13% burglary cases due to no evidence or camera footage. Corner houses are more in danger and can get burglarized because of low visibility. Houses that have been previously invaded may also have more chances of a second invasion or burglary.

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