18 Pinterest-Worthy Shoe Rack Designs

Women often sacrifice comfort for style. But, when they needed a pair for a lot of walking, they turn to ballet flats instead of stilettos. It’s a pair of shoes that provides both comfort and style, and for that reason, it has become a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe for any season.

Despite being overshadowed by sneakers and mules for the go-to comfy shoe category, ballet flats will always have a special place in your shoe racks. Therefore, it only seems to be in order that you allot enough space for your ballerinas in your cabinet. But while the idea is simple, it seems impossible when it’s already cramped up with the rest of your footwear. The solution? Shoe rack.

There’s countless of shoe rack designs at your disposal and with the help of Pinterest, you’ll be treated to a variety of stylish and functional designs to suit your taste. Here, Janylin Shoes has collected 18 shoe rack options that we think are best for you. 

Infographic Source: http://www.janylinshoes.com/18-pinterest-worthy-shoe-rack-designs/
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