Mobile App Developers Are Making the World Better for Us All

Mobile app developers are changing the world one app at a time. And, considering that the average consumer in America now spends five hours a day on mobile devices and that there are more than 5 million apps in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store combined, it should come as no surprise that the rate of change being powered by mobile app developers is absolutely tremendous.

Mobile app developers truly are changing the way we do everything. In short, these builders of the future are changing the ways we play, socialize, and live.

Mobile Apps & How We Play

We all know that mobile app developers can hit it BIG with gaming apps, don’t we? The numbers are staggering: Angry Birds made nearly $200 million in 2012; Clash of Clans generated $2.3 billion in 2015; and Mobile Strike is currently making close to $4 million A DAY.

BUT, what is most exciting about app gaming is how the technologies being harnessed by gaming mobile app developers bleed into other areas. Pokeman Go, for example, is more than the fastest game app to earn $500 million in revenue, it also introduced Augmented Reality (AR) to the world.

AR is making the world a better place by providing a live view of the real world along with computer-generated augmented elements. In Pokeman Go, these augmented elements are the monsters you are hunting; while, in the medical field AR helps surgeons see inside patients in the operating room, nurses find veins, and patients more accurately describe their symptoms.

Mobile Apps & How We Socialize 

For many of us, social apps were the gateway app that really got us hooked to our mobile devices. Heck, social apps are so popular that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is one of the five richest people on the planet.

But, social apps that mobile app developers are building these days are not just for sharing cat videos and hitting on lost loves from high school. There are social apps that are making a real difference in people’s lives. The app Prompt uses photos to help people with dementia and other memory-related problems remember loved ones.

Mobile Apps & How We Live

While there is not actually an app for everything, you’d be hard pressed to think of something that a mobile app developer has not created a solution for. Mobile app developers have trulyenriched our lives by making it easier for us to keep track of our schedules, cook, travel, read books, listen to music, and watch movies and television shows.

Mobile app developers have also made it easier for us to enrich the lives of others as well. The FoodBank app notifies us when our local food bank has run out of a particular item giving us a chance to help out.

Tree Planet 2 is an app that makes everyone’s life better by planting real trees in the real world each time a player plants and grows a virtual tree. The makers of Tree Planet 2 say that more than real 500,000 trees have been planted in 10 nations through the playing of this virtual game.

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