10 Shocking Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

This infographic lists 10 disturbing findings from recent studies into dangers on the internet, and especially as they impact children. All parent need to aware of these online realities, and need to both educate themselves and take action to keep their family safe.

Sexual predators targeting their victims through social media is a very real nightmare scenario, but it's also not the only danger. Our children are exposed to pornography, hate speech, cyber bullying, and criminal ""phishing"" for family financial details.

Web filtering is now relatively simple, but many parents have not set such controls in place. And as children get older, into their teenage years, the tendency if for parents to exercise even less oversight. The statistics show a direct correlation between parental involvement and the frequency of online abuse.

By publishing this infographic we hope to introduce people to the problems, and alert them to the need for vigilance.

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