Hiring An SEO Company? 17 Questions You Should Ask.

Every day we talk to potential clients who have no idea how to hire an SEO company. So they ask standard questions, like:

Will my website be on the first search result?
Will I get ranked in a week?
Is it enough if I do SEO for a month?
How many years of experience do you have?

Starting with these questions is not totally bad but, it will not help you make a good decision.
Hiring an SEO company isn’t as complicated as it seems. You must do some digging, research, and know what to ask.

The SEO company you choose must be trustworthy, and someone you can work with.

Keep in mind that your company’s sales, conversion, and reputation are on the line. They hinge on the performance of the SEO company you choose.

Hire the right people to get the right results.

Before you start your search, print these 17 questions and refer it throughout your search process. 

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