Android vs. iOS App Development: A Comparison & Decision Guide

Nearly everything today is done using a smartphone—from transportation, entertainment, groceries, traveling, games, businesses, utilities, and more, as the number of apps available continue to increase and have reached a total of 25 billion new downloads this Q1 2017.

In fact, in March 2017, the App Store had 2.2 billion apps available, while Google Play Store had 2.8 million. Meanwhile, instant messaging apps are likely to reach $200 billion in in-app and in-advertising revenues in less than three years. These statistics prove that this is a great time to proceed in developing better and more innovative apps.

As a mobile app developer, you might be wondering which operating system you should develop an app for, Android or iOS? To help you decide between the two, check out the infographic below that shows the similarities and differences between Android and iOS in terms of demographics, devices, and development time, among others.
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