7 Masters Degrees with a Challenging Outlook

Nowadays everyone is looking to get a master’s degree. They are relevant for many industry as in they prefer hiring specialists in the field. Moreover, an employee with a master’s degree is entitled to a higher salary.

If you are researching on fields where a master’s degree will not make you happy, here is an infographic with relevant information. Based on national statistics collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), worst master’s degrees are the ones that have the lowest salary range, the least job satisfaction and meaning, and a high level of stress. It might come as a surprise to you, but among these fields, you might find jobs we all love.

Therefore, the librarians, the pastors or the interior designers are dealing with some low statistics that place them at the bottom of the list with the best master’s degrees. The employment projection in these industries is unlikely to grow. For example, many librarians will need to retire for the young graduates to have working places. Also, pastors have to work up to seventy hours per week.

Take a look at the list with the 7 master’s degrees with the most challenging outlooks and the facts you might didn't know about these fields.

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