Most Common Barcode Label Problems

Barcode labels are an integral part of retail. They can be seen on almost any product or package there is. What is this tiny invention’s purpose? Barcodes contain product information, including price, expiration date, and country of manufacture, to name just a few. All of these information are embedded into these small vertical black and white lines.

What happens when barcode labels become unscannable? Well, the silver lining is that 1-dimensional barcodes have, besides machine-readable, a human-readable part, as well. This means that product information can be entered by hand. When barcode labels fail, a cashier can enter the numbers below the vertical lines. However, this solution doesn't seem like an effective one. It would eventually jeopardizes workflow, affecting both business and customers.

If you are wondering what are the most common barcode label problems, what causes them and how they can be prevented, check out this infographic and find out.

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