An Arm & A Leg: The Cost to Care for the Human Body, Part by Part

How much does it cost to keep your body healthy?

This infographic looks at the cost of health care for various parts of the human body.

Surprisingly, care for the parts that are involved with movement and mobility (spine, knees, hips, etc) are actually higher than essential parts of the body like the brain, lungs, and heart. Overall, almost every major body part came in at costing tens of thousands of dollars in care, with only a few dipping below the $20,000 mark.

The average cost of care for all of the body parts combined is more than $600,000, only counting similar parts (like hands and feet) once.

The data for the infographic comes from an analysis of more than 150,000 records of patient costs collected in a study of Medicaid billing. Costs were originally attributed to specific medical billing codes, which were then mapped to the specific body parts that they are correlated with.

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