20 ways to save your cell phone’s battery

There’s nothing much more frustrating than your cell phone’s battery going flat. We’ve become so dependant on our phones today, that it can be really inconvenient to all of a sudden be cut off from your digital world.

But the good news that there are all kinds of tips and tricks that can help you save your cell phone’s battery! You can save some precious battery by turning down your phone’s screen brightness. Similarly, choosing a dark wallpaper can really help (as dark pixels require less power than light pixels to display).

Ad blockers are another great way to gain some battery life. Or why not turn off vibrations to get some further gains? Another great tip that most people don’t know it to regularly update your phone’s software. There are all kinds of benefits to this, including improved security. Software updates also frequently come with efficiency upgrades to help save your cell phone’s battery. Read on and enjoy!

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