The Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

Some might say that air compressors are a little boring. We wanted an infographic that would show some of the exciting and entertaining uses of compressed air in movie plots. So we searched for movies where compressed air saved the day or provided the punchline for a joke. We linked the movie moments with audience blood pressure using our pulse-o-meter rating. Air compressors are very practical tools but we had a lot of fun showing highly impractical compressed air uses from the movie world. Some of these scenes are physically impossible, some are dangerous. We recommend that you don't try any of them at home.

The infographic was designed using Pixelmator. It is the first infographic that I designed. I hope to create more in the future as is was a lot of fun putting it together and learning how to use Pixelmator. Researching the infographic was fun too. Asking friends if they could think of movies that have scenes involving compressed air resulted in many quizzical looks.

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