The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide: The Best Times and Days to Send Your Message and Get It Read

If you utilize email as a sales or marketing tool, then chances are you have gone on the search for the best day and time to send those emails. 

Hopefully, you've made it back out of the rabbit hole. 

I have certainly ventured down this path, assuming some cross-referenced articles should clear this dilemma right up. It turns out, there are dozens of studies and articles on this topic and almost all arrive at different conclusions. 

So, why so much divergence? 

A good deal of the data out there is inconsistent, and it stems from having too many variables. Different people check their email at different times on different days, with varying access and the effectiveness of the desired result depends on whether you're hoping to gain opens, clicks, or responses. 

We wanted to approach this query a little differently than that of our predecessors and combed through the myriad of stats and information available to see just what is down there. By separating three groups of people (B2B, B2C, and Everyday) we could break down the resulting opens, clicks, and responses to obtain a baseline per target audience. 

We compiled our findings into a user-friendly visual guide. While it stands that real concrete results still elude us, hopefully, the conclusions addressed in The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide will serve as the groundwork for your future email campaigns and outreach ventures.

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