Free online tools for creating Infographics

If you want to create special infographics you will surely have to make use of some application.

Here, I have listed top 5 free online tools for creating infographics which are simple to use.

They include many functions and are usually free to download or one should sign up for creating beautiful infographics.

Infographics can easily organize the data as images. With the image, it is possible to summarize the content and reach the customer more easily.

Remember that images, videos, etc. can reach the customer higher than the text. If you would like to learn how to use them, here are 5 tools where you can create infographics easily and for free. Try them!

Here are the top 5 tools to create infographics.

1. Dipity

Dipity can be used to create your own attractive timelines, and you can insert them into your website in minutes.

Dipity timelines can add images, link, video, audio location and much more. The mission of Dipity is to organize the content of your website by date and time.

In almost these tools you have to register before using them but, being free, we recommend you try one of these tools! It is easy to use and navigate the interface.

2. Infogram

Infogram offers numerous templates that you can use to create your own nice infographics, design and share data. Once you finish it, you can share it through the social media sites.

 It is an easy to use, beautiful color and amazing graphic maker. Using it to visitor engagement on your blog. It is a free service.

3. Canva

Canva is possibly the most powerful tool on the internet right now and easy to use. It makes design work simple, easy and fast.

In fact, with Canva it is possible to create multitude of images, fonts, library in many formats, and Canva features give you hundreds design at your fingertips.

Canva stands out from other tools in that it does not dedicate itself exclusively to the infographics. It is free and very useful. You can free download this tool from download site or buy at $1.

Its free version has several templates, typographic fonts, icons, lines and so on to design infographics in an easy way. You can also buy images, photographs, illustrations to personalize your work.

In this site you can download your infographics in pdf and jpeg. You will need to register to start creating your own infographics.

Canva is a very complete tool with which you can create not only infographics, but all types of images, covers for eBooks, headers for social networks, documents, cards ... in short, a very versatile tool.

Canva provides you with lots of graphic elements that you can add to your infographics and of course you can also change the colors of the template, modify to your taste, text, typography, etc.

4. allows you to create and display infographics. In addition, incorporates the possibility of sharing the content created in social networks.

More than 35,000 designers use to create infographics. is both a creator of infographics and a community to share your infographics on the web.

You can upload your own infographics and discover the latest trends, staff selections and your favorite infographics of users. is a tool for making different infographics. Actually, collects social statistical data of your profiles in the form of infographics. Very useful for making infographics of the social profiles of our companies.

5. Piktochart 

Piktochart is a tool that can intuitively and easily create your special infographics using the templates, fonts, icons and images that are counted within its free version which will give your infographics a unique personal touch.

You just need to register to start putting your creativity into practice. Piktochart gives you many free infographics templates. To access others, you should pay.

You can customize each template to use your own fonts, icons, colors and more. Piktochart is a tool to make infographics that allows us to create them using templates.

They have many free templates. It also has many sophisticated templates, of course, those templates would be paid.

Piktochart includes lots of icons and images of all kinds and high quality. It also has photos and frames and allows you to upload your own images and incorporate them into your works. It is a very easy to use tool that works great.

Infographics, charts, graphs and widgets make it easy for visitors to get involved with your website and social networks to give you more traffic.

If you want to create some good visualizations and do not have time to create them in Photoshop or do not have the budget to look for external help, choose one of these tools and use it.

Top 5 free online tools for creating infographics are free. If they have not been included in this selection, it was not for quality reasons, but because they present difficulties when downloading the work done completely free of charge.

And since in this article we have followed some criteria based not only on the quality of the tools, but also on allowing the creation of infographics without being a professional designer; for its ease of use and the instant availability of the work done. We have preferred to focus on the ones that best fit these canons.

Did you already know any of them? Which one is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts on these tools to create free infographics. And we will also be very grateful if you share this post with your social networking contacts using the buttons you will find right here below.

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