Valentine's Day Hugot Lines for the Hopeless Romantic

Valentine’s day is nearing and in a few weeks, it can once again be expected that the prices of flowers in shops will rise and key weekend places will be fully-booked, to make way for couples who want to celebrate this special day. 

This occasion gives the perfect excuse to send and receive love notes and flowers and take time to spend romantic dates and escapades. On the other hand, this can also be a dreaded day for those who failed to find their true love or those who have recently experienced a broken heart.

While many are spending quality time with their partner, loveless people are alone without the thrill and sweetness that others experience on this day. For the brokenhearted, it can really be troubling to be around a crowd of lovers--and what better way to divert these negative feelings than to convert them into witty and painfully true hugot lines. 

This Valentine’s day, hugot lines will once again trend and flood social media accounts. To pay tribute to the creative minds and wounded hearts behind those witty remarks, M2Social gathered the best there are in the internet. In this infographic, laugh, cry and be inspired with these best Valentine’s hugot lines for the hopeless romantic

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