How to Find Spy Software

Do you suspect that someone may be spying on your cell phone or mobile device? This unfortunately is becoming all too common today. This visual guide will help you to find out if you are being monitored without your permission in some way.

Modern spy apps can be very difficult to uncover, with the better companies going to quite extreme lengths to hide their software. It is important to find several signs of the software as sometimes mobile devices can have somewhat erratic behavior.

Some of the main things to look out for are around sudden changes to your devices behavior. Is the device shutting down for no apparent reason - is the battery getting very hot - are you getting strange text messages?

This infographic can be used as a quick reference guide to find the tell tale signs of spy software apps. Again the important thing to look for is a sudden change in your device - you know your phone and how it normally performs, do you have real reason to suspect that it has been compromised in some way.

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