The Ultimate Mobile Email Open Statistics

Email marketing is one of the most efficient channels for businesses to communicate effectively with the customers. Emails have proven themselves to be the best marketing and growth strategies of businesses across B2B and B2C industries for ages.

According to, email marketing is one of the most efficient channels for acquisition. It also helps in customer retention. It delivers 20% more retention rate when compared to the most popular social media channels. The studies say that there is no way a business can market without using emails.

While it is one of the most effective marketing and sales channel, there are a few challenges that it comes across.The first tough challenge is to get people to subscribe to your emails, then nudging them to open your emails and then interact or convert with your business in all possible ways.
 The digital world moving to mobile is an added challenge in executing an email marketing strategy that works.

Nearly 1.7 million users access their emails regularly from mobile devices; which is much more than the regular 0.9 billion traditional desktop users.

This shows how marketers will need to go in-depth into mobile-specific email strategies if they want good results. And remember, using a responsive email template won’t cut it down anymore! With 2017 kicking off, you will need to go beyond the basic strategies and actually understand the concept from the mobile customer's point of view.

This infographic on the mobile email open statistics will help your marketers build and execute a highly converting strategy. The industry insights show how active people are, to emails received on their mobile devices and the desktop and what are the conversion rates seen by businesses.

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