Love in Quotes and Numbers

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love love. Some people have enough love in their lives, others are perhaps lacking it and therefore are not as happy as they could be. The purpose of “Love in Quotes and Numbers” infographic is to raise awareness about what a large portion of life this magical phenomenon takes up, and to serve as a reminder to spend more time working on attaining it and giving it generously. Also, the reason behind creating this graphic is to present some fun stats about love and romance.

 For example, not many people know that as much as 15% of women in the US send flowers to themselves for Valentine’s! That’s an interesting strategy, if we want our colleagues at work to envy us. Also, it’s good to know that being in love raises levels of dopamine. This chemical can makes us pretty hyper and happy! Take the time to go through “Love in Quotes and Numbers” and hopefully it will motivate you to pay more attention to the people who deserve your love.

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