The Anatomy of History’s Most Expensive Wedding

Weddings aren’t cheap, for many, they can take years to save for and still leave you with a dried up wallet. However, for some individuals, money isn’t an issue and they’ll spend anything to get their perfect day.

We’ve always wondered what the world's most expensive wedding would like, so we hit the internet and did a bit of investigating. Really, a wedding is all about love, but for the sake of this post, we’ve been extremely materialistic!

We came across some extortionate price tags on different elements from actual weddings around the world. From the venue to the finest details, we’re sure that you’ll be just as shocked by the final cost.

Update! Since creating this infographic, we found out about a wedding that was estimated to cost around $1 billion. We don’t have much detail about the individual element costs, but we do know that a 9 tier cake was present and it had to be carried by 4 men!

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