Online customer feedback during the Holiday Season

Nowadays you will find feedback buttons on the side or at the bottom of many websites you're visiting. At other times perhaps a feedback form will appear in an overlay during the purchasing process or after buying a product online. Visitors use these feedback opportunities to provide ideas, give compliments or even share their complaints with a company.

Many companies around the world consider the holiday season the busiest time of the year. But just how busy is it?

In our latest infographic, you can see how the hustle and bustle of the holiday season affects the volume of feedback provided by visitors.

Although studies show that online sales increase by approximately 46% during the holidays, you will find that in certain industries the number of feedback comments provided by consumers can be up to three times higher compared to the averages during the rest of the year. The reason for this can be pinpointed to increased sales, increased efforts from companies trying to serve their clients and new customers visiting their websites.

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