How to attract, engage and retain millennial workforce?

Do you have millennials at your workplace? Is your organization putting efforts in the right direction to engagemillennial workforce? If not, you will soon have to.

Millennials will become 50% of the entire global workforce by 2020 and will make up 75% total workforce by 2025. Employers need to rethink their employee engagement strategies to attract and retain millennial workforce.

Managers, HR and the leadership can develop and implement employee engagement programs after evaluating factors that inspire millennials to be more productive and stay loyal with their current employer. Ignorance towards millennials’ expectations can be detrimental.

Millennials expect clarity in job role and goals, continuous performance feedback, flexible work schedules, transparent employee appraisals, open communication at work, performance based pay, and excellent training & development opportunities from their employers.Also, millennial workforce seek accountability to remain engaged and retained. Organizations can use advanced online HR tools to automate their processes and address expectations of the millennial workforce.

Look at the infograph to get more insights on how you can attract, engage and retain millennials.

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