12 Toxic Chemicals in Makeup and Cosmetics that You Must Avoid

Maintaining a beauty routine is not as easy as finding the beauty products that match your needs. Without careful analysis of the makeup and cosmetics that are found in the market today, you may end up with the wrong choice--along with the serious risks that come with them.

Not all makeup and cosmetics are created equal and while some may appear harmless, you can’t be so sure of how they will work without even assessing the ingredients found in them.

The truth is, there are still companies that make use of toxic chemicals and include them in personal care products. And without being briefed about the harmful ingredients that you must avoid, there is a great chance that you will end up with the wrong choice.

To stay away from the hazards that some cosmetics may bring, here’s an infographic from Alyaka.com, a reputable retailer of niche perfumes and organic beauty products online, that shares some useful information that you must know.

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