Driving test tips: 5 common mistakes when you start driving

Success or failure of an applicant during the driving test depends on how well he or she has studied the corresponding literature and practiced driving skills. Nevertheless, it is equally significant to know the common reasons of why test candidates often fail to pass it. Learn from the mistakes of others if you don't want to retake the exam!

The instructors of the driver training programs emphasize that a good knowledge of the traffic rules is important but not enough to ensure success for an applicant on that important day. Clear thinking, excellent observation skills, and the ability to make good decisions will help you achieve success and get your driving license.

Give all your attention to what is happening on the road! Look frequently into the mirrors and do regular head checks to see what is going on around your car. That will give you enough time to analyze what your position on the road is and how to act before making any maneuver.

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