Car Ergonomics to Keep You Safe and Comfortable Behind the Wheel

There are a ton of modifications you can make to your vehicle to make it more comfortable. Be that as it may, do you really know the best possible way to adjust your vehicle's seat? You may think you have your seat adjusted perfectly, but think again. Driving can take a serious toll on your body, especially because the average driver spend 290 hours driving every year. Why wouldn't you want to be comfortable during those long hours? Car ergonomics aren't only a great way to keep you comfortable in the driver's seat, they are also a critical part of ensuring that you are protected on the off chance that you get into an accident. Imagine that you get into a fender bender. In a properly adjusted seat, the air bag will deploy, the headrest and seat belt will protect you, and you will hopefully make it through the accident unharmed. In an improperly adjusted seat, however, you might not end up so lucky. If you are sitting too close to your steering wheel the air bag might not function properly. If your head rest is too far back you could end up getting whiplash.  Next time you wind up getting in the driver's seat of a vehicle, ensure your seat is adjusted ergonomically.
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