State of Corporate Data Security 2015-2016

Every year, tech researchers track the status and latest trends of data security. Companies’ and organizations’ data security has been treated by leading research centers and institutes as fundamentals in annual whitepapers and reports -- mainly because this topic is handy for IT companies and for end consumers like us.

Companies get the opportunity from reports like these to learn more about the status of data security, either in premise or in the cloud -- and these serve as good ways to keep things in check. Our milieu is now in unison with the development called “Internet of Things” -- meaning that the things we use in our daily lives can now send and receive data without our interaction.  Because of this, data security and protection must be heavily improved.

In this infographic from Turrem Data, a reputable security distributor for digital and physical data, you will know more about the state of corporate data security for 2015-2016."

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