Benefits of Train Travel

With over 1 million people arrive into stations in London every day, there are a lot of people travelling by train across the UK. And it’s no wonder, as it’s often the quickest mode of transport to get from A to B, and is relatively speaking fairly environmentally friendly (at least more so than car or bus).

Have you ever thought about getting creative with your train time? There are so many options you could put your travel time towards – check out this infographic recently produced by East Midlands Trains that suggests a few interesting examples!

Why not use the extra time to boost your productivity;  you could train your brain with a puzzle, get ahead of work emails, get ahead of your studies, or on the contrary, catch up on some extra “zzzs” and just use the time to chill out, relax, or even perhaps meditate whilst taking in the views. Check out the suggestions from East Midlands trains and get inspired!

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