Would you pass your driving test around the world?

Driving tests are a nerve-wracking experience, but whilst in some countries the tests are very rigorous there are other countries where driving tests are really easy to pass.

In some countries you don’t even need to pass a test to drive and this easy to read infographic details how driving tests differ across the world. It also rates the difficulty of the test and some of the things that could potentially appear in the test.

In Mexico you don’t have to take a test, whilst in India you just have to drive straight, turn left and stop. The harder driving tests can be found in the likes of Denmark and Finland.

In Denmark you have to do seven hours of first aid theory and will be asked to drive on a slippery track and in a figure of eight. The driving test in Finland is just as hard as people taking their test will be asked to do night-driving, undergo skid-pan sessions and complete 18 hours of practical lessons.
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