2016 Most Popular Backyard Activities

There are many opinion-based lists about favorite backyard activities in the U.S., but Stacey Sao, the master researcher behind recreational information hub Tipspoke, decided to get an unbiased, fact-based answer. She followed a rigorous 4-part process with Google Consumer Surveys to make this happen. The results are in and Grilling was the clear winner of the Favorite Backyard Activity Poll.

To get an unbiased, fact-based view into the best backyard activities in the US, the Tipspoke team ran a rigorous poll leveraging the Google Consumer Survey platform to survey thousands of people across America. Grilling landed in the number one spot at the top of the list. In addition to Grilling, there are 4 other awesome activities that made the top of the list, and over 50 other backyard activities in total that people voted to be their favorites.
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