World's Top and Unusual Data Centers

Data centers are the modern esoteric temples. They are large, marvelous and powerful. But not a thing about its inner operation and the essence of its power is known by most people. For many of us, it is just a large structure housing thousands of miles of wires connected to racks in cabinets inside a freezing room. And yes, we do not know a lot about data centers. Let's just leave them to the experts. But we can enjoy the marvel of its structure and the great feats in design and architecture.

The unusual data center facilities and the behemoth ones in size and energy consumption are not brainchildren of eccentric designers. Rather, it can be seen as a response to the need for more energy efficient, earth friendly facilities and response to the need for better services.

Know more about the biggest, the coldest, the greenest and the unusual data center facilities in this infographic from INOC, the leader in outsourced NOC services

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