California Top 3 Dangerous Spiders

Do you know how many eggs a Black Widow spider lays? How about an Arizona Recluse spider, did you know they lay about 150 eggs per year? When you think of a Mouse Spider you might be fearful of their size or that they have a possible 20 year life span, but what you should be worried about with any of these spiders is if they bite you. None of these spiders will seek you out to attack, but if they feel threatened, watch out, their bite is powerful and can be life threatening.  This infographic will inform you about bite symptoms and how to effectively treat the bite if you are ever bitten.  You should always seek medical attention if bitten by one of these spiders.

Spiders are interesting to learn about, they all are very unique creatures.  You’re you and your family safe by learning these few details. This infographic is brought to you by your friends at Bull’s Eye Pest Control located in Murrieta, CA.
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