Work Etiquette Around The World

Have you ever wondered what makes each country and its working style so different from one another? This infographic shows how countries all over the world vary in the way they work and conduct business. The comparison is made based on several factors, and also some interesting facts about each country are pointed out. Countries are chosen such that they represent all the continents. Factors such as work-life balance, number of work hours per week and number of paid holidays have been compared and depicted through graphs. It is important for companies to maintain a healthy business relationship with their counterparts, especially because the world is getting more connected and trade is becoming inter-dependent. Understanding cross cultural differences can also help people who migrate to foreign countries for work. They can be well integrated with the society and their co-workers. This subject is extensive but this infographic is a summarized version and gives a glimpse of the big picture, therefore making it easier for the reader to understand.

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