How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram was always an enigma for ecommerce marketers. UGC assets have proven to be a major factor with people's buying decision and today many marketers are starting to harness the power of Instagram.

In the past, Instagram did not support click through to sites, and so it didn't matter whether your Instagram account or user base was engaged or not. Hence, many marketers just chose to overlook Instagram and didn't know how to leverage it to boost sales and business, but now the rules have changed.

Yotpo, a UGC Marketing company conducted a research and found that 83% of potential customers claimed that are more likely to take a look at a certain brand if they saw a friend endorsing it on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram driven traffic to Ecommerce sites resulted in more engaged buying and browsing sessions than any other social network. More specifically, 17% more than YouTube and almost double than Facebook.

In a recent AB test, a merchant using the Yotpo Instagram Cution feature saw an increase of 24% in sales conversions after embedding the UGC images on it's Ecommerce product pages. The infographic below can provide more information:

This infographic is based on data and internal research from UGC marketing platform Yotpo

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