2016: An Election of Surprises

The campaign for the 2016 presidential election is certainly interesting thus far. Now that the candidates have been narrowed down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the full forces of their campaigns are underway. We’ll just have to see who wins come election day. Whoever wins will be a surprise, yet it won’t be the first in U.S. history. Of the many people who have run for president, there have been a number of unexpected victories. An example of this was when Al Gore won the popular vote but still lost to George W. Bush back in 2000. There are a number of other similar situations that have occurred since 1824 (when Andrew Jackson lost to John Quincy Adams).  Check out these other neat facts concerning both other presidential nominees and actual presidents in the years past. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll find (like how Abraham Lincoln is still our tallest president to date and how JFK is still the youngest).
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