Asbestos Landfill/Asbestos Disposal Areas in Victoria

Friable products of asbestos have been commonly used during the late 1800’s as a material for fireproofing, insulation, and soundproofing. In the 1980’s, the production of asbestos products have been ordered to cease, and the total ban of asbestos products came into force.

Deteriorated asbestos products are extremely hazardous, and can cause serious lung-related diseases to anyone who inhaled its fibers. In fact, Australia have high incidence of mesothelioma cases, which corresponds with the country’s extensive use of asbestos before. Also, the country had the highest per capita rate of consuming asbestos among other countries in the world. Thus, codes pertaining to the proper handling, management, and disposal have existed to minimise the exposure threats of asbestos. Asbestos disposal areas were also covered by these regulations, and these landfills have certain scopes and restrictions about which type of asbestos material they are allowed to receive, or delivery requirements that should be complied.

To guide you about the asbestos disposal areas in Victoria, here’s a must-see infographic by AWARE, the leading asbestos removal company in Melbourne.

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