Interesting Places To Visit In The South

The Philippines has been known around the world as a hot spot for local and foreign tourists alike for the many wonders that its 7,107 islands has to offer. Nature’s wonders, crystal clear waters, hospitality and sumptuous delicacies, what more can you ask for?

But what many people don’t realize, there are a multifold of destinations to visit that doesn’t require an airplane ride or an overnight drive. That’s right! There are many awesome destinations within Metro Manila, particularly the South.

Looking to relax, enjoy, and satisfy your food cravings? Mind Museum, Historical Corridor, Bamboo Organ, Aguirre Street, City of Dreams, and Jamboree Lake are among the wonders that you can find within the confines of the city that will surely be a treat for travelers and adventure seekers.

Here’s an infographic by Paseo Verde at Real, a condominium in Las Pinas, bringing the Top 12 Interesting Places to Visit in the South. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and visit these amazing places!

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