Road Distractions

As we all know, texting and driving has a huge impact on our safety, as well as other drivers on the roads around us. In fact, with the rise in newer technology, texting and driving has become a more serious threat for our roadways. In fact, according to a new infographic that was released, more than 1,800 individuals were involved in fatal accidents from the years 2010-2013.

Additionally, drinking and driving has become a more serious threat for our roadways. For some, it's difficult to decide when to take the last drink while out at the bar or local restaurant. A new infographic was released that outlines some of the most common locations throughout New Jersey where drinking and driving incidents take place. Furthermore, the infographic outlines the most common NJ counties where drinking and driving incidents occur.

With this information, it's important that we are all fully aware of our surroundings on the road- whether it's the car in front of you that is engaging in texting and driving, or the car behind you that is swerving from drinking and driving- we all need to be informed and reduce the number of fatal accidents on the roadways. Before you take the last sip of your drink on the way out of the bar, or before you pick up your phone while on the road, we should stop and remember the information provided in these infographics.

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