10 Obscure Alcoholic Drinks Worth Tasting

There is such a variety of amazing drinks around the world, it is quite possible that there’s an ideal beverage for every person. Of course, it is impossible to try them all and find out, but sticking to the same small variety of commonly consumed beverages decreases our chances of finding something truly exceptional and perfect for our taste.

The following infographic is a reminder that we should explore more options when it comes to our choice of alcoholic drinks. Even if there is a brand of wine that we love, or we know that a few shots of tequila in a bar will always get us in a cheerful mood, there is no reason to always drink the same types of beverages. Why not enjoy the rich taste of disaronno that is made out of 17 different spices and herbs? Or try to discover the mystery of the elegant chartreuse, dubbed “elixir of long life”? Take a look at this list of less known, but wonderful beverages that are worth giving a shot.

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