Content Creation Strategies for Cross-Channel Engagement

With 47% of digital marketers stating that the inability to produce content that engages is their greatest content marketing challenge, it is certainly important to examine the factors that actually make a piece of content engaging.

As suggested on the infographic, engaging content creation is a strategic activity that requires research and planning. Namely, in order to promote content and make it visible to as many people as possible, companies must first examine their audience's preference. This means that they need to understand people's interests and specific problems in order to offer something valuable. Furthermore, the channels that the target audience uses play a vital role in the effectiveness of content promotion, which is why they need to be studied in detail before the content creation process starts.

Depending on a business goal and target industry, multiple content forms will need to be produced in order to encourage engagements across multiple chanels. This infographic outlines some of the basic steps that could help making the whole process more efficient.
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