Thrive Market by the Numbers March 2023

 Our team has been engaged in a long-term review of Thrive Market's digital shelf, and we've identified some notable trends. Specifically, Thrive has been expanding its White Label product line while also increasing its offerings under the "Thrive Market" brand. Rosey, by Thrive Market, has remained consistent, while f.a.e. by Thrive Market has introduced yet another product. 

In analyzing the overall product set, we observed a significant increase in the number of "New" products available in March, with over 301 added compared to 97 in February. Despite this, the total number of products offered by Thrive Market remained relatively unchanged, with only eight additional products introduced. This suggests that Thrive is adept at managing its product offerings, potentially by discontinuing underperforming products or addressing supply chain issues. 

We will be conducting a more detailed analysis of April's data to gain further insights into these trends. 

Our analysis was conducted using FrigginYeah’s shelf space discovery application, a critical tool for businesses seeking to optimize their product visibility and sales. As a leader in the industry, we offer a range of solutions, including MAP pricing monitoring software, competitive price intelligence, shelf space discovery, and more. 

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