How To Make A Dog Throw Up

Although making your dog throw up at home is not recommended, in certain cases of poisoning, it might be a necessity. If your vet or local pet poison control has suggested it as urgent care, please only use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to make your dog throw up. 

Use a dropper/turkey baster, or something similar to administer the solution as far back up in your dog’s throat as possible. Wait for your dog to throw up. Under no circumstances should you feed any more than three teaspoons of the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to your dog. 

That can be extremely derogatory to your pet’s health. Also do not replace the said solution with salt water, alcohol, baking soda, or Ipecac. None of these are safe for canine consumption and can have an adverse impact on your dog’s health. Whether your dog has vomited or not, rush them to the vet as soon as you can.

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