How To Hunt Deer On Public Land

Do you want to know how to hunt deer on public land? Would you like to be successful in hunting deer on public land? Hunting deer on public land is quite different from hunting on private land. It is sometimes wrongly perceived that hunting deer on public land is not as rewarding as it is on private land.

Before you go hunting on public land, scout the area using hunting apps or Google Earth to get a good idea of the topography of the area. Look for travel routes, bedding areas, possible food and water sources, inaccessible areas, and other areas that deer may use as habitats.

Hunting deer on public land can be challenging if you just go where every other hunter goes and set up his hunting spot. There is a lot of pressure at certain times on public land and if you go where other hunters frequent, you may not be successful.

Deer will avoid areas with a lot of hunting pressure and retreat deeper in thick cover to escape predators. To get to those deer, you need to hunt with a different perspective. look for small plots, funnels, escape routes, and other areas that deer will retreat to for sanctuary. Don’t post up where hunters usually set up to hunt. Even the deer know those spots and avoid them.

Get to know the wildlife biologist for that area and chat with them. You can get a lot of information about the behaviors and patterns of the deer in that area. Usually, the department of natural resources website will have information about the wildlife biologists for the areas you want to hunt.

In this infographic, we shared information to help you shorten the learning curve and be more successful when hunting deer on public land. It is our fervent hope that it will help you take more deer home during the deer hunting season.

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