How To Start Selling On YouTube With Shopify

 Have you ever thought about using YouTube to sell your products? YouTube, the second most popular website in the world, has recently introduced a simple way to integrate Shopify with it. A Shopify store owner who sells online will greatly benefit from this integration.

Some of the key benefits of this integration are as follows:

  1. With this integration, you can reach a wider audience as Millions of people use YouTube to check product reviews or information.
  2. This integration also gives your audience an option to do Live Shopping.
  3. Once you connect your Shopify store with YouTube, your customers can buy products on YouTube only without exiting it.
  4. This integration also enables Store Tab For Showcasing your Products.

But there are some eligibility criteria that you need to meet if you want to sell on YouTube. The first and most important criterion is that you must have more than 10,000 subscribers. Apart from that, your channel must be monetization approved and your audience must not be kids.

 Check this infographic to see how you can connect your Shopify Store to YouTube.

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