What the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Means For Electronic Manufacturing

Have any kind of electronic device? There’s a semiconductor inside.

Semiconductor chips are in everyday items from the toaster on our counters to highly technical aerospace instruments. These very small chips are the key to unlocking the technological advances of the future. 

A combination of the global pandemic, natural disasters, minimal competition, the global pandemic COVID-19, and political turmoil has resulted in our current shortage of electronic components and semiconductor chips. Many companies and engineers can design and manufacture products containing these semiconductor chips, but only a handful of foundries actually create the chips.

The shortages in the current electronic component market and longer lead times have resulted in an almost standstill of electronic manufacturers being able to create and manufacture electronic products. Not to mention the rise of counterfeit parts which can create greater fallout and possible problems with electronic components.

The infographic outlines how the semiconductor chip shortage affects current electronic manufacturers and their customers. 

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