Average UK House Prices Since 1950s

When is the best time to get on the property ladder? The simple answer is, as soon as possible. While there have been some periods where house prices in the UK have stagnated or even dipped a little, as a general rule of thumb, property prices will always increase. Therefore, the earlier you are able to invest in a property, the more money you are likely to make off it (or the more money you’ll save buying it earlier).

The best way to understand house prices and the way that they have changed throughout the decades, is by looking at the statistics. Facts and figures never lie. We’ve put together this handy infographic to help you see easily where and when house prices have increased and what the difference is now, in comparison to the previous seven decades.

Infographic Source:https://www.superiorfireplaces.co.uk/average-uk-house-prices/

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