5 Ways To Protect Your Organization From A Cyber Attack

Every day, cyber-attacks strike businesses. For example, between January 2016 and October 2017, the total number of events increased by almost fourfold.

 Cyberattacks are malicious attempts by individuals or organizations to hack into the information systems of other people or organizations. The attacker usually seeks to gain from disrupting the victim's networks.

As bad actors continue to profit from compromised business systems, cybercrime has increased yearly. Cybercriminals often seek some type of ransom. Fifty-three percent of cyberattacks result in $500,000 or more in damages. Hackers can also launch cyberthreats with ulterior motives. So-called ""hacktivists"" may seek to destroy systems and data to prove a point.

In our internet-connected workspace, cyber attacks are inevitable, including Malware, Phishing, Man-in-the-middle attack,  Denial-of-service attack, SQL injections, Zero-day exploit, and more. However, we want to help as many organizations as possible avoid a digital disaster, so we have compiled some helpful steps to prevent a cyber attack.

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By implementing these measures, you can significantly enhance your organization's security and minimize the risk of cyberattacks. ai-article-writer