Archery for Beginners: How To Get Started

Archery as a hobby can be very overwhelming for beginners. No need to feel alone, we all started there. Between all the different types of equipment and measurements, it can be confusing. Do you go with recurve bows for target shooting or compound bows for bowhunting? 

Find out which is best for you then choose the perfect option. Before buying a bow and arrow and heading to the range, you should also learn about the specific parts of a bow such as riser, limb and bowstring. Learning about the arrowhead, fletching, nock, and shaft, is also important. Once that is handled you should go over the useful accessories such as bow sights. 

One cant forget about concepts such as draw weight and draw length when starting out in archery either. All of these things are important to learning and practicing target shooting and bowhunting.
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