Travel Restrictions: Where can I travel?

 In 2020, the world was surprised when a highly contagious virus started spreading. And since no one was prepared enough to combat the Novel Coronavirus, it has posed a severe health risk for everyone. Several actions and laws, such as travel restrictions, adapting to work from home setups, and closing various establishments, were enforced to battle COVID-19. 

But all thanks to the medical experts, vaccines were quickly developed and rolled out for the public. Through the help of these vaccines, millions of people have been immunised against COVID-19. And because of this, travelling to other countries or places has become a reality once more.

Many travellers are now back to travelling, with several countries opening their gates for tourists with vaccine passports. Cancelled plans can now resume, and planning for a future vacation has also been made possible. But despite all these improvements, travellers still must adhere to some health protocols such as PCR or rapid antigen tests. For countries under the amber list, the day 2 and day 8 testing may also be required. 

If you are planning to travel, it is best to research the health condition and restrictions of the country you want to visit. To help you with the research, you can check this detailed infographic about travel restrictions from Harley Medic International. 

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